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December 28, 2012
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YRYN: Yoryynsha by Mirvirus YRYN: Yoryynsha by Mirvirus

    one day I'll post something other than app sheets. e u e )b


    Name: “Yorrynsha” H’Assan Fae
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Race: Byyst Hybrid (50%), Polycerate Sheep
    Race Traits:
      - Four horns, sheep ears, docked sheep tail.
      - Ovine eyes; pupils are horizontal.
      - Nails are dark and very tough.
      - Hair is thick which can make her feel uncomfortable in the rainforest at times, though she easily ties it up to relieve herself. She’d be useless in the desert heat, though would be fine with other climates.
      - Very physically strong.
      - She is very agile and can get around rough, uneven terrain easily.
      - Big tatas because sheep have udders.

    Tribe: Alishiani
    Ancestry: Descendant of a long line of Byyst and Byyst Hybrid polycerate sheep, originating from and still residing within the Sacred Groves.
    Occupation: Shaman the Alishiani.
    Skills: As Shaman of the Alishiani, she is adept with spiritual and earth magick.
      - Able to connect and communicate with spirits of all kind and may ask them for help.
      - Can manipulate plantae, such as vines and roots, etc.
      - Can also manipulate earth, such as creating ‘earth spikes’ to attack and spear foes.
      - Has the ability to make plants, flowers, grass and tree saplings grow. Can also heal sick trees.
      - Can sense if the land is being hurt or is suffering. - If the Alishan were to be hurt, she too would feel pain.
      ^ If other tribes lands are suffering (perhaps a drought season or disease affecting their plantae), they can come to Yoryynsha for aid and she will offer remedies or travel to help fix the issue. She cares extensively for all of the trees.

    Companion: Eir'dei/Eir'danu (soon to come)

    Driven by the myth of the Mother Tree, she has given herself in service to the forest and its spirits. Not only does she care for Alishan, but the other trees as well. She believes the myth is history, passed down through her family for generations.

    Amiable with a motherly touch; she is patient, selfless and caring, as well as being very open-minded about other cultures so long as their tree is respected - she is especially interested in the Northern Groves, showing interest in their vast library, books/scriptures and magickal knowledge. However, her amiable nature comes at a cost - she can be naive as a consequence. She can also become very vengeful when provoked to it though, given her patient nature, such is hard to achieve.

    Despite being Shaman, she does not exclude herself from the regular customs of the tribe and often helps by tending to the children and enjoys telling them stories of Yoryyn, especially old myths. She will also help by cooking, much like the other women.
    For these reason, Yoryynsha and tribe members are very familiar with one another, making her quite easy to approach. In fact, she likes to act as a mentor for her people.

    Yoryynsha, with a natural affinity to plants, is also thoroughly interested in botany and herbology, attempting to make herbal remedies for her people when they are sick or generally in need. Using her spiritual abilities, she tends to ask plant spirits which herbs and flowers have which effects, though she does also travel to the Northern Groves to learn from their extensive library.

    Shamanism has been present in the H'Assan Fae for generations, their lineage dating back to the first Shaman of Alishiani, and through these generations the story of H'Assan and secrets of the spirit Nyyq have been kept alive. However, ancient stories are easily converted to myth, and some secrets forgotten...

    Second child and first daughter to the Shaman of Alishiani, it would have been typical of her to become heir had her elder brother, Aeir, not been blessed with six horns, a factor of which overrules the tradition of appointing first daughter to the position of Shaman. Thus, Yoryynsha was raised without the prospects of becoming Shaman.

    It was a custom (and always had been) within her family to lead a life where shamanism and spirituality were prominent and so, even without being heir, she was taught much about the position and its responsibilities. She was schooled by her father in the art of spiritual and earthly powers, and was taught much about the history of their family, the land and the spirits.

    One such myth, passed down through her family for generations, caught her attention; it was the myth of H’Assan. Her father once took her to Gajunna h’Assan and now and then she would return alone to pay her respects - she never lost the habit.

    Approaching his rise to Shaman, her brother’s ideals for the Alishiani were exposed. Though he had the goodness of the tribe at heart, his ideals were unacceptable - he wished to join with Guarmi’s industry to fuel their strength and status as a people. Her father - and current Shaman of the tribe - was outraged by his son’s preference of power, claiming him blinded by it and ignorant to the importance of the forest, and so he was stripped of his position and exiled.

    Thus Yoryynsha was appointed heir and, in the years to come, became Shaman. Her real name is by now unknown to most. - In her rule, she has lifted her brother’s exile.

    At present, she is well aware of the issues with lack of faith and the ever growing weakness of the trees and their spirits. She tries her best to shield this truth from her tribes people, not wanting to incite panic, whilst she works silently and diligently to help prevent a possible catastrophe.

    Now and then, for days at a time, Yoryynsha leaves her home on secret errands to check up on the other 6 pillar trees. Her family looks after the tribe while she’s gone.

    She ever hopes the day does not come when she must inform her tribe and, should desperation come, she is ready to quit her peaceful lifestyle to enforce the protection of trees and spirits alike.

    Quote: “May the Spirits guide you ~”
    Alliance: She is strictly Jymoku Alliance, as are her forefathers before her, and she expects her tribe members to share the same beliefs. Her allegiance is driven by Yoryyn’s creation myth of H’Assan, the mother tree; she daren’t fail the spirits again.
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